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JP Lease Products & Services sells products (i.e., purchase of real estate trust beneficiary interests) in which specific real estate is subdivided into smaller lots and the rental income or profit from the sale of the real estate is distributed to investors in proportion to the amount invested. ) to individuals and corporations. The parent company, Japan Investment Advisors, and its subsidiary, JIA Trust, whose members are well versed in real estate, are in charge of structuring and managing small-lot real estate products. Unlike REITs, these products are attracting attention as an asset portfolio in preparation for inheritance, as they allow for real estate investment from small amounts and, unlike REITs, have the same effect as owning physical real estate.


Offering real estate fractional ownership investment products (trust beneficiary rights) in preparation for the inheritance

In order to address the investment needs of individuals and business corporations that are considering inheritance, such as the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan, our corporate group focuses on revenue-generating real estate in prime areas of central Tokyo, and structures and offers trust beneficiary rights fractional ownership products.

【Characteristics of real estate trust beneficiary rights fractional ownership investment products】

  • It is possible to invest in excellent real estate in prime locations in central Tokyo, starting at small sums.
  • Using trust beneficiary rights allows for lessening burdens such as real estate income tax stemming from sale and purchase, registration/license tax, and stamp tax.
  • Stable dividend income can be expected without requiring time or effort for management and operation.
  • Real estate rights may be equally and homogenously divided.

  • 【Main structure diagram of real estate trust beneficiary rights fractional ownership investment products】

    Real Estate Strucutures



    Broad client network established through the sale of Japanese Operating Leases (JOL).
    We offer solutions matching the client's needs in cooperation with a network of regional banks, Shinkin banks, securities companies, tax accountants, accounting firms, etc. around Japan.


    Going beyond the confines of conventional real estate business, we structure investment products corporations and individual investors seek based on an investment scheme using financial know-how, and offer opportunities to receive investment gain, gain on sale, tax advantages, etc.


    We offer products and services from a comprehensive viewpoint in cooperation with group companies including JIA Securities and JIA Trust, other companies in which JIA, our parent company, has invested, etc.